| BoonEx or Dolphin Development to Build Rich and Interactive Social Networking Site
By our BoonEx or Dolphin web development solution, we are proposing unique user experience, CMS development, plugins, language packs, templates, integrations, modules and lot more.
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BoonEx or Dolphin

Dolphin is the world’s most popular, free, open source, Social Network free software. With a Powerful, Secure and user friendly. we love to customize our client social websites on BoonEX Dolphin!.
Online dating has become a big business and the BoonEx Dolphin Community Software has been built to take advantage of this niche. Business Opportunity Seekers are looking to cash in on this big business by launching their own dating sites. Many site owners are seeking revenue from launching niche dating sites that focus on specific groups of online users. The results have been a huge growth in Social Networking Sites on the Internet. If you would like to start your very own Internet Dating or Social Networking Site and either don’t have the time or resources, allow us to assist you . We can install, configure, market, support, and manage your BoonEx Dolphin site.

What We Can Do with BoonEx Dolphin

  • BoonEx Dolphin Installations and configuration
  • Theme and template development for BoonEx Dolphin
  • Plugin and mods installation for BoonEx Dolphin
  • BoonEx Dolphin customized plugin and mod development
  • Ray Media Server for BoonEx Dolphin installation and customization

Why BoonEx Dolphin

  • Excellent platform for online dating
  • Social networking features like image, audio and video sharing
  • Availability of third party mods and plugins
  • Easy integration with other BoonEx products like Ray
  • Active user community
  • Fully unencrypted source code

BoonEX – Dolphin Software Package – Modules

  • Advertisment
  • Rich-Text Article Posts
  • Blogs
  • Avatars
  • Video Chat With Video Streaming
  • Custom Rss
  • Desktop App
  • Event Functionality
  • Files- upload, Share and publish
  • Feedback
  • Login Usgin FB Connect
  • Discussion Forum
  • Google Search
  • Create Groups
  • Membership – Paid/UnPaid
  • Messenger
  • News/Announcement
  • Page Access Control
  • Google Search
  • Create Groups
  • Poll Options
  • Profile Personalisation
  • Profiler – Display loading timings for developers
  • Quotes – random quote special block
  • Shoutbox
  • Simple Messenger
  • Sites
  • SMTP Mailer
  • Sounds
  • Spy
  • Store – to Sell Products
  • Timeline & Outline
  • Videos
  • Whiteboard
  • World Map
  • ZIP Code Search

BoonEX – Dolphin Software Package – Modules

  • Modules
  • Multi-Language
  • Design Templates
  • Mobile Connector
  • Content Privacy
  • Media Server
  • XML SiteMaps
  • Search
  • Vector Graphics
  • CSS3
  • Social Layer
  • Comments
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Buttons
  • Rating
  • Subscriptions
  • Private Messages
  • RSS Feeds
  • Advanced Browsing
  • Server Audit System
  • Access Control Lists
  • Database Backups
  • Content Moderation
  • Mass-Mailer
  • Site Builders
  • Stat Charts
  • Banner Ads
  • Database Pruning
  • Security
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Caching For SPEED!
  • SPAM Protection


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