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Responsive Web Design services that Improve website viewing experience

Responsive web design is a set of techniques used in web development to make the images and layout of a website flexible. In short, the practice makes websites adapt to the size of the users browser window screen, using fluid dimensions.

Almost every application or website now comes with a tablet or mobile version. The introduction of high performance tablet computers and Smartphones with multiple capabilities have accelerated web responsive design services. To make the website compatible and adapt itself to devices with different resolutions and sizes, the responsive design will play an integral part in developing any web application or site.


What is responsive web design?


When a website is designed and developed, the display qualities is rendered to a full screen monitor of a PC, which when viewed on a screen of different size or resolution needs readjustment by the user. To reduce the consequences of losing visitors or prospective clients, web designers and developers have devised a method by using the CSS that will automatically adjust webpage layouts for optimal content display for any screen size or resolution.


Difference between Mobile Website Design and Responsive Website Design?


Below listed points will help you in making the right decision.


  • With responsive website design you don’t need a sub-domain it runs on the same domain as it detects the device.
  • Its easy to update your responsive website design as compared to a mobile website design.
  • Responsive websites are easily recognized by search engines as compared to mobile websites
  • Its easier to get analytics and reports of your responsive website as compared to a mobile website
  • The number of mobile visitors are increasing at an increasing rate
  • Cisco predicts there will be 788 million mobile users at the end of 2015
  • You just have to make maintain and market one website
  • A beautiful, responsive website developed in WordPress that will function on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • One-on-one consultation with one or more of our developers and designers to diagnose your needs and outline necessary design choices during construction. This may include mock-ups and design revisions as development continues.
  • Designed and structured with conversion in mind, with added implementation of fundamental search engine optimization.
  • Responsive designs include site-wide lead generation forms that provide visitors with an outlet for direct contact, increasing potential conversions for your business on every page.

Resonsive Web Desing Benefits

  • Reduced development cost
  • Faster and smoother user experience
  • Quality appearance
  • Less maintenance
  • Collected sharing
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Safety against duplicate content penalties
  • Search Engine Optimization benefits
  • Increase your Conversion

Our Responsive Web Design Services

  • Developing responsive websites
  • Testing websites across all browsers and mobile devices.
  • Converting current web site to a responsive site
  • Developing highly structured and organized sites
Choose a responsive website design company that understands responsive website design and mobile website design better, Contact us today!

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